provide efficient project management to achieve the objectives
  • are the multidiscipline group of Kazakhstani and Belorussian companies.
  • provide services on development of project plans (schedule, budget, resources), project monitoring, engineering in the field of subsoil use and industrial construction, process automation, conversion of regular reporting to online format.
provide efficient project management to achieve the objectives

Project scheduling

Project monitoring


Process automation

Conversion of the reporting from offline to online

When you need our assistance?
You run a project but do not possess a reliable team
Your projects go beyond schedule and budget
You are disappointed with chaos in projects and in whole company
You need help in managing construction project
You are drowning in routine but still want to advance
You are tired of piles of paper reports and endless “tomorrows”
Our tools
Project management:
Spider Project
Spider Project is the best choice for construction project management supporting resource method and overall quantities of works.
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Project is good for organizational and IT projects.
Primavera is the project management widely used by oil and gas companies.
Reporting and data analysis:
Power BI
Power BI is the complex software allowing data visualization and building online reports.
Autodesk products (Autocad, Plant 3D, Civil 3D, Revit, etc.) for engineering and building information modeling (BIM).
ABC is the budgeting and resources estimation software.
Micromine is specialized software for 3D-modeling of mineral deposits, assessment of deposits, engineering, mine optimization and planning.
Surpac is the most widely spread software for geology and mine planning, also used for support of exploration projects.
(including customization of out-of-box solutions)
1C is the complex tool allowing wide range of automation solutions from single processes to complex ERP systems.
Office 365
Office 365 is the set of applications forming integral environment for cooperative work (communications, calendars, e-mail, file storage, etc.).
Bitrix 24
Bitrix 24 is the set of five business drivers: CRM, Tasks and Projects, Contact Center, Sites and Stores, Office.
Complex integration
Different software tools can be integrated into complex operation system.