ANTAL LLP is the engineering services provider in the field of subsoil use and industrial construction.

Engineering services:

Industrial and civil construction engineering

The design institute possesses personnel competent in all design stages and sections:

  • Process;
  • Architectural;
  • General layout and transportation;
  • Electrical;
  • Process automation;
  • Dispatch;
  • Communications and alarm;
  • Heating;
  • Ventilation;
  • Water supply;
  • Estimates;
  • Feasibility;
  • Repair and mechanica.

We also provide consultancy on obtaining permitting documents for engineering works: land management, architectural and planning assignment, technical specification for connecting to the power grid.

Geology and mining design

Design of mining facilities, design estimates for hard rock minerals mining.

We have expertise in mine design using different mining methods:

  • Open pit mining;
  • Underground mining;
  • Combined mining.


Mine development design includes wide range of design solutions including:

  • Deposit modeling;
  • Identification of commercial envelope (optimal development boundaries);
  • Complex mechanization structure selection;
  • Optimal technical solutions for specific deposits considering complex and rational use of subsoil;
  • Estimation of basic and secondary mining processes.

Environmental engineering

Environmental engineering includes analysis, forecasting, justification, planning and assessment of environmental impact of the facility in specific region.

We will execute and get approval in operative and professional manner:

  • Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • Environment protection section of the design;
  • Sanitary protective area design;
  • Maximum permissible emissions;
  • Maximum permissible discharges;
  • Waste generation and disposal limits.

Hydraulic engineering

Hydraulic engineering services include:

  • Heap leaching sites with full metal recovery cycle;;
  • Tailings dams for concentrators and refineries;
  • Water ponds;
  • Processing and domestic wastes dumps;
  • Toxic and radioactive wastes storage.
  • Category I State license for engineering;
  • State license for engineering of mining facilities;
  • State license for environmental protection works and services;
  • Industrial safety works certificate.
Over 25 year’s expertise
High quality services in timely manner
Warranty for all kinds of works
Shortest possible execution time for the most complex design
Certificates of compliance applicable to provision of design, consultancy and engineering services in the field of subsoil use.