Consultancy. Implementation of corporate project management system for general contractor


General contractor business executing projects in oil and gas industry. Required general contract projects management tools.

  • No clear distribution of cost estimates;
  • Separated forms of to collect actual executed works data;
  • No corporate norms database;
  • Mistakes in preparation of quotation;
  • No chain of financial efficiency tracking from quotation to project closure;
  • Mistakes in planning of resources flow.
  • Analyzed existing project management system including quotation calculation processes;
  • Implemented general contract projects management processes including calculation of quotation;
  • Trained Customer’s employees to use of Spider Project software;
  • Developed construction works budgeting mechanism;
  • Established project control department.
  • Quotations calculated using resource method in accordance with corporate norms;
  • Increased quotation accuracy, reduced risks of loss;
  • Capabilities for operative control of project profitability;
  • Centralized project management functions;
  • Increased quality of construction manageability.