Complex automation

Complex automation is implementation of system making all processes work according to preset scenarios preventing failures and delays in process execution and ensuring maximum process efficiency. Complex automation system in composed from separate modules allowing flexible adjustments and modifications for specific business. Modular structure allows gradual system implementation in all divisions of the company, linking all employees into integral well-functioning organism and optimizing interactions.

Benefits of complex automation:

  • Evade manual execution of routine operations;
  • Accelerate information transfer and processing;
  • Increased performance, reduced manual mistake risks;
  • Advanced business and management transparency;
  • Automatic generation of documents, reports and other analytical information;
  • Shared informational space.
What do we use for automation?

Microsoft Project, Spider Project, Primavera

Project management software


Integration of key company processes using automation tools.

Office 365

Set of applications forming cooperative business environment

Power BI, Power apps

Automation of data collection from different sources and report generation


The set of five business drivers: CRM, Tasks and Projects, Contact Center, Sites and Stores, Office.

Which processes need automation?

Scheduling and budget planning


Management accounting

Documents circulation


Financial management