Computer-based project model

Project management software toll allowing planning and execution control of key project indicators. At its minimum the project model may represent activity progress chart (Gantt chart), at maximum it goes to full-scale management accounting of the project (schedule management, budget management, financial management, resources management, materials management, etc.).

When do you need the project model?

  • You need project plan (budget, schedule, resources);
  • You need to estimate project cost and feasibility before starting;
  • You want to estimate impact of changes on the project schedule and budget;
  • You need to assess cost of contract works and carry out tenders efficiently;
  • Your customer requires project reporting in Primavera, Spider Project or MS Project;
  • You want to audit or optimize existing project schedule.
Our tools:
Calculation of works duration based on actual quantities of works, performance and deployment of resources

Estimation of objective project cost


Planning of demand for resources (materials, personnel, machinery)


Project monitoring. Gathering actual project execution data, identification of deviations

Project risks modeling and management
“What if” analysis?

Assessment of impact of different decisions on key indicators of project

Our tools:
Microsoft Project
Widely used for organizational and IT projects
Spider Project*

Best solution for construction projects supporting resource-based estimation and physical quantities of works


Widely used by oil and gas companies.

* We are the only official representative of the Spider Project company on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Possibilities of the computer model of the project
  • Project schedule
  • Resources schedule
  • Materials demand schedule
  • Financing schedule
  • Cashflow
  • Procurement schedule
  • Up to 15% budget saving
  • Up to 20% execution time reduction
  • Reduction of project risks
  • Solid distribution of responsibilities between the stakeholders
  • Advanced project transparency
  • Automatic project reporting
Aluminum refinery: schedule and budget
Aluminum refinery: schedule and budget
Road construction: schedule and budget
Road construction: schedule and budget
Mine development: schedule
Mine development: schedule