Corporate project management system

Set of methodological, software and information tools used to optimize project planning and management processes.

Advantages of CPMS
  • Building well-functioning project management methodology;
  • Integrating into current project management processes;
  • Use of computer-based automation for project planning and management.
  • Creating solution taking into account peculiarities of specific industry and features of the Customer’s business.
Project management system capabilities:

Implementation of project management process

Implementation of project management process including potential automation of project modeling allows efficient optimization of the projects taking into account wide range of limitations (resources, costs, schedule, financing, procurement).

Management accounting methodology

Management accounting methodology in combination with specialized software allows ongoing control of the project, timely risk identification and acceleration of risk mitigation decision making.

Portfolio modeling

Portfolio modeling allows identification of the unviable projects with critical risk levels.

Efficient project management

Efficient project management by means of regulation of preventive and corrective actions.

Along with execution of basic stages of project management system implementation the set of activities is undertook to ensure the Customer’s employees to future changes in the Company operations.
Implementation duration starts from 6 months depending on the following conditions:
  • Quantity and set of services included into implementation plan;
  • Customer’s activities on implementation of project management system;
  • Peculiarities of Customer’s business.