Business analysis

Implementation of online reporting system

Power BI

In our operations we use and implement Power BI online reporting system. This system automatically gathers data from available data sources (databases, services, files) and converts it into user-friendly readable interactive reports enabling business to see required data on user-friendly dashboard, timely react on changes and make justified decisions.

System capabilities
  • Interactive visualization of complex reports (charts, diagrams, tables);
  • Wide range of data sources (Excel, Access, SQL-server, internet, etc.);
  • Linking different data sources;
  • Scheduled update of the reports;
  • Instant access to the reports from any device.
When you need this?
  • You are tired of piles of paper reports;
  • Another view on the data requires new reports;
  • Duration of reports generation makes them out-of-date;
  • You need to see all project or business data on one dashboard;
  • You want to hold meeting using online reports;
  • You want to minimize mistakes in regular reporting data;
  • You want to understand and monitor crosslinks between different indicators, see dynamics, trends compared to previous periods;
  • Data are collected, but you do not have time for analysis.
Our solution

Link data from different sources, put them in order

Build automatically updated complex interactive reports in Power BI

Analyze your data and generate report providing alternative view on your data

Power BI reports
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