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Construction of “X” Facility

Responsible employee gathers project status information and forms weekly report in MS Word which is further printed and submitted to the management. The report is reviewed at weekly project meeting.

  • Each report prepared manually. In fact, the report preparation process is the set of repeated operations which can be automated;
  • Longstanding report generating (data collection, sorting, formatting and printing);
  • Information cannot be submitted quickly, without advance preparation;
  • Reports inputs are non-typical source files, difficult to understand for non-prepared specialist;
  • Alternative view on the reports data would require another run of preparation chain: input data collection – renewal of MS Word file –printing the report;
  • Due to time-consuming report preparation process the report data can become irrelevant by the moment of review.
  • Unification of source files – use of simple Power Apps web-forms for project historical data collection.
  • Arranged data consolidated in automatically updated Power BI report.
  • The employees input the data into simple web forms with minimized mistake risk;
  • Key project parameters are represented on one dashboard;
  • Detailed project information available for separate reports;
  • Reports accessible 24/7 from any device, no need to request information;
  • No manual labour on report generation (the reports adjusted once and updated automatically in requires periods);
  • Onboard data transformation mechanisms. No need for extra calculations to present additional information (e.g. progressive total, deviations, indicators, comparison with previous periods, etc.);
  • Daily values transformed into monthly, quarterly and yearly by one click;
  • Possibility of self-service BI – slices, filters and buttons;
  • Differentiated access levels.