EPCM. Outsourced project office for EPC project (copper refinery construction)


Subsoil user executing EPC-based copper refinery construction project. Required to outsource project management specialists.

  • Lack of project team in Customer’s company, i.e. dedicated project management employees;
  • Lack of dedicated experts inside Customer’s team (design engineers, construction engineers, project managers, etc.,);
  • Minimum input data for starting of design works;
  • Lack of through project execution plan and master budget;
  • Limited project budget – savings required at each stage;
  • Construction site is Brown Field, resulting in tight construction conditions;
  • Low engineering competence in the region of construction;
  • Tight schedule required parallel design and construction (at two-stage design).
  • Established project team consisting of ANTAL GROUP employees;
  • Put together and structured requirements to the construction objects from Customer’s specialists (technology engineer, electrical engineer, etc.);
  • Formed both the whole project master schedule and detailed action plan for the upcoming year;
  • Formed terms of reference for design, performed assessment of EPC contractors, selected EPC contractor;
  • Negotiated with equipment suppliers;
  • Formed master budget and justified it to the investors;
  • Monitored project execution through all stages: design works, construction works;
  • Arranged acceptance of EPC contractor’s works (drawings, construction works);
  • Implemented complex optimization of design solutions in order to reduce project costs.
  • No need to hire own project team for the Customer;
  • The Customer gets solid qualified project team;
  • ANTAL GROUP presents and justifies project budget to the investors;
  • Project team is motivated to reduce project costs starting from the design stage;
  • Use of digital project management technologies;
  • The Customer is provided with daily online project reporting.