Consultancy. Implementation of corporate project portfolio management system for Holding company


Large scale holding company, with its subsidiaries running projects in diversified businesses. Required project management tools.

  • No single projects portfolio in holding company;
  • No clear tools for initiation and selection of profitable projects;
  • Each subsidiary has its own project planning and control processes;
  • No unified project reporting forms;
  • Lack of project schedule control mechanism;
  • Unclear responsibility for project indicators (cost, schedule, quality);
  • Chaotic change management.
  • Analyzed existing project management system including quotation forming processes;
  • Set up general contract project management processes including calculation of quotation;
  • Trained Customer’s employees to use of Spider Project software;
  • Developed construction works budgeting mechanism;
  • Established Project Control Department.
  • Unified processes for all subsidiaries taking into account their specific field of business;
  • Online projects portfolio key indicators review for Investors and Management;
  • Project management responsibilities clearly distributed between holding company and subsidiaries;
  • Centralized project portfolio management function;
  • Joint project reporting system allowing operative decision making;
  • Employees trained to use new IT tools.